Innovation Works is proud to represent the ISO and IEC compliant Medicas solution by Workswell. Medicas is one of very few solutions to achieve such standards and is built to WHO and FDA guidelines.  This is an ultra-high end thermal medical device designed to screen with the highest precision.
IEC and ISO compliant

The camera is compliant with ISO/TR 13154:2017, meets the requirements of IEC and follows the WHO and FDA guidelines for elevated body temperature screening.

GDPR compliant

Human temperature is analyzed real-time without the need of data storing. Administrator has a possibility to set up video or image recording if needed.

ISO compliant measurement

Only different installation setup of MEDICAS camera and Blackbody BB200 allows to meet all ISO, IEC and FDA requirements and standards. High resolution 640 px enables to measure in the eyes to achieve high accuracy.

Unlimited person pre-scan

Pre-scan mode allows measuring in the range of 3 – 12 meters (2.6 ft – 39 ft) in real-time without any delay. It evaluates temperature in 327 680 pixels every moment to achieve the highest measurement precision.

Fully automated plug & play system

• Runs TCP/IP and RTSP server
• DIO interface cable for turnstiles and entrances installations
(4x digital outputs, 4x digital inputs)
• No external PC needed, all processing onboard

Prevent false alarms

• Allows to set 4 user defined ROIs
• All ROIs are directly linked with DIO unit